Monday, July 19, 2010

NYC - Cha-an

If you know me, you know there's always, always room for dessert after dinner(much to the horror of my waistline).

So after dinner at Ushiwakamaru, where the service was a bit cooler than I like, even in the summer, I was absolutely delighted where K took us next for dessert.

Yes it was a 20 minute stroll to get there from where we were, but all this means is that my stomach has more room for sweet sweet goodies, and when we got there it was definitely worth the walk.

Much like Melbourne, you navigate your way up a small set of stairs and are greeted into the most adorable little tea house. Dark wood and jars of tea lined up everywhere, a gentle murmur floating around from happy looking customers and smiles and gentle greetings from the servers.

These guys have a very extensive tea menu, so I naturally had to try one, I believe I got one of the roasted rice teas. Having the vantage point from the 'tea bar' it was interesting to see how seriously the tea was taken here, even though the place felt very unpretentious. There were a multitude of timers on the counter that were set as the waitress seeped the tea then very promptly taken off and served when the timer went off. Fairly impressive.

K tried an interesting buckwheat beer, which I should've asked to try. Or maybe I did and I can't remember now. Hmm.

K and David both ordered the Sakura Flan, whilst I have never eaten a cherry blossom in my life, if I did, I would imagine it would have a flavour much like this did. The texture was so soft and smooth and we got quite a kick and giggle out of the wobble factor of the flan. With the red beans on the side, it was just lovely.

I could not go past the black sesame creme brulee, which was quite a bit bigger than I expected with the huge scoop of black sesame ice-cream on top. Normally I would expect creme brulees to be quite light, but this was a bit different as the caramelized top wasn't as crisp and the custard a bit thicker.

Although don't take these as bad points!

It just made the whole thing that much more delicious really! I loved the thick richness and very promptly devoured the whole thing!

No K was not making faces with his flan...or wait...

I was also very tempted to try some of the macarons they had in a jar on the counter, but after finishing the creme brulee, was very glad I did not decide to earlier.

Cha-an is easily a place I could see myself visiting and bringing all of my friends on a regular basis if I lived in New many things on the menu still unexplored....

East Village
230 E 9th St
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